Till the last...

Till the last is a short Drama/Thriller, In which a hit man has second thoughts about his latest 'Contract' but as ever Fate has other ideas. 

The film has been entered into various film festivals around the world, so check back for updates on where you can catch the film.  

Later this year we will also post the film here so everyone else can watch it. 

Films Credits.  

Man in Car - Jonny Hirst 

Man Walking - Mark Greensmith 


Man - Matthew Williams

Woman - Catherine Evans

Girl with glasses - Lilly Evans

Girl - Mary Evans

Music By - kai Engel

Song - Summer Days

Directed by - Douglas Byrne. 

The liverpool International Film Festival runs from the 17-19th November, location the  Small Cinema, Victoria ST Liverpool, between 6-11pm
it's FREE to attend. 

'From dreams to reality'