Blackout Cast.

Jonny Hirst - PI John Rush. 

Abigail Mckenzie - Alison. 

Could you save entire city by yourself? 

Blackout is a three part thriller that pits PI John Rush (Played by Jonny Hirst) against a cities dark underground and a man named 'Tony London' and John has only three weeks to save a little girls life and stop the illegal experiments someone is carrying out on the local population. 

But of course things never run smoothly for the ex solider, just who is the little girl really? just what does Tony London know about the Blackouts people are suffering, why does this Mr Smith want him dead? and if that wasn't bad enough John's ex lover who dumped him all those years ago is back in the city and wants his help. but can they be trusted. 

Blackout Episode 2 (Dead man walking) - Filming has now Completed, and is due out Summer 2016. Locations will be again Liverpool/Wirral. To find out more about the film click on the Film IMDB page below. Underneath are stills from Blackout Episode 2.  

Matthew Williams - DCI Blakemore

Paul J. Dove - Mr Smith

'From dreams to reality' 

Mary Evans - Olivia.

Bruce De Jesus - Tony London.